Tongkat Ali is a special herb widely used as an aphrodisiac & testosterone booster.
It is traditionally consumed by man to enhance their sexual health.


That’s an old thinking we are used to.

Most of us, especially women never knew that there are several health benefits
that a woman can gain from consuming Tongkat Ali.


What 7 Things Tongkat Ali May Help You Especially Women?



  1. Testosterone that exist in woman’s body actually helps them to maintain
    a focused mind, strong bones and boosted physical health.


2. There some significant things that happen when testosterone level is low in women’s body.

Severe fatigue, muscular weakness, sagging skin, loss of tenderness
and increased fat in the abdominal area are the negative things to a
woman’s body when her testosterone level is low.


3. Osteoporosis is one of the risk of having low testosterone level.
Other associated risks include getting chronic “cardiovascular” and “diabetes”.

4. The highest testosterone level in a female body is during the age of 20’s.
The level decreases as their age increases.


5. Stress, unbalanced lifestyle and improper medication will speed up the hormon extinction.

6. The rate of testosterone production are highly different between male and female.
Men produce the hormone 10x times more then women.
Women testosterone are produced from ovaries and adrenal glands.


7. To stay fit, having high self esteem, keeping a slim body and keep
physically active, women need to maintain a good testosterone level.


Tongkat Ali can help maintain the desired testosterone level both in man and women.